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"As the Employee Relations Manager, I worked with Brian Pettit at Motorola for two years and watched him present to all levels of the organization. Brian has a way of capturing people’s attention, and drawing them into the discussion or training session.

Brian does a great job of telling stories that really help bring the point of the training session, so the focus is not only on what he's saying, but the relevance of the subject. As a result, he helps to shape the desired behaviors and leadership skills necessary for employees to continue to be successful in their positions."

Francine Z. Schaefer, President, BNHRA Board of Directors

"Brian Pettit was able to bring together twelve major employers in Western New York to obtain over three million dollars in Federal workforce training funds under the H-1B program. Through his leadership, a team of managers from different companies came together and implemented a program that ultimately provided $3.5 Million in training for hundreds of employees."

James Finamore, Executive Director
Buffalo and Erie County Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

Leadership Training

"The rapid growth of our organization necessitated accelerated training of first-time managers in basic leadership skills. Proficient in their technical skill areas, many lacked the requisite interpersonal skills and experience for effectively leading people. Brian examined multiple options and customized a modular leadership skills training, termed Results-Based Interaction. He then coordinated training the trainers and participated in multiple sessions of this leadership training. While the full benefits of this recent training are still emerging, participant feedback was uniformly positive and peer relationships among leaders have been significantly enhanced.

Sometimes trainers have the misconception that a glib presentation accompanied by bells and whistles is the key to success. I have encountered trainers with a more polished delivery than Brian, but I have seldom encountered one who encourages greater positive introspection and resolution towards altered behavior."

David Jayme, PhD, Invitrogen (Life Technologies)

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