Team Building

Do you sometimes feel that you have a collection of highly skilled individuals that are not all pulling on the same rope in the same direction? Do the puzzle pieces need to fit together with greater precision, so that the big picture is clear to everyone?

Our team building interventions can be packaged from one hour to 5 days. You can choose to weave them into planned meetings at your office, shop floor, off-site at a hotel, park, in the woods or other rented facility.

For some groups the primary goal is to get away, have fun, reward great performance, and dedication. For some meeting planners the goal is to integrate with strategic initiatives, goal planning, unification of purpose, kick off new initiatives, build morale, camaraderie and improve communication. For some leaders, merger, acquisition, or reorganization has resulted in situations where groups of people need to scientifically improve the way they work together.

We believe team building should be:

Customized, based on your specific situation, known relationships, issues, what you have been reading and what steps you have allready taken.

Facilitated, with brief knowledge/idea presentations, followed by small group breakout session discussions about how the ideas might be applied. We believe your team has tremendous knowledge and experience allready present and our job is to draw it out, give everyone a chance to speak, connect kernels of wisdom in new ways, reinforce healthy behaviors and minimize unhealthy behaviors.

Experiential, with frequent hands on experiences where knew ideas are tested in a safe environment, emotional breakthroughs are encouraged and new beliefs, perceptions, skills, and behaviors are given ample opportunity to geminate and take hold through practice.

We deliver tools you can use:

Communications tools including, active listening, feedback, checking for understanding, frustration and conflict management.

Problem Solving tools such as, creative brainstorming, cause and Effect/Fishbone diagrams, Gantt charts, Force Field analysis, Pareto Charts, process Maturity, mind maps, Nominal Group Technique.

Advanced Analytics: Who am I , who are you and how can we improve our working together using tools like, Myers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI), DiSC, big 5, NEO, and other tools that assess behaviors under stress, conflict, and the Dysfunctions of a team.

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