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The Goal:

How can I help you stand out in the sea of applicants?

Did you know that the average job opening today for college grads receives over 70 applications? Just one local online job posting board sees over 21,000 applicants per month and has 100,000 resumes in their database.

And the unemployment rate continues to hover around 9%?

Do you know how to apply online and take advantage of key word search, so that your resume is sorted by the computer on top of the pile not the bottom?

Do you know how to protect the formatting of your resume document?

We do, and we can help you know too!

Click on the links below for more information and to make a payment for your best choice:

  • Resume - Form:
    • $85 - I don't have a resume; send me the proprietary form to fill out by email.
  • Resume - Meet:
    • $115 - I don't have a resume; let's meet at a restaurant for coffee and get started.
  • Resume ReWork™:
    • $65 - I have a resume with most of the information, but need graphic layout changes to improve the look and computer search of key words.
  • Cover Letter / References/ Thank You Letter:
    • $25+ - I need help with my Cover Letter, Reference Page and Thank You Letter.
  • Interview Preparation:
    • $85+ - Public speaking freaks me out. I need tips on how to master the anxiety; and on how to prepare for behavioral interviewing formatted questions and how to sell yourself.
  • Career Change:
    • $85+ - I need to change careers, do something else. Are my skills transferable? How do I explore career options and qualifications? I don't know how to show that what I have done is useful to a new employer in a different job. Let's meet at a restaurant for coffee, career coaching and resume creation.
  • Starting My Own Business:
    • $85+ - Maybe now is the time to turn my dream of starting my own business, into reality. I need help assessing my entrepreneurial potential; and creating a business plan I can take to the Bank.
  • None of the above:
    • Contact Us with any other resume or job-related questions and we will try to help or point you in the right direction.
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