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"I don't have a resume, let's meet so I can use your resume writing services to help me."

You have chosen the face to face way to get started on building your first resume. This option is available to those in the Western New York area of NY State, from Jamestown to Rochester. This choice is great for those who want the personal touch and feel a bit mouse challenged.

Here is how the process works:

  • Send the $115 fee using the PayPal button to the right.
  • Send us an email, so that we have your email address and provide your phone number. Home address is optional, but not required. If you are not comfortable with, or do not have access to email, just give us a call and we will work with you through USPS mailings.
  • We then propose a quiet restaurant where we can talk about you. You'll be asked about company names where you worked, job titles, accomplishments, education, special skills, certifications and other things that employers need.
  • After we meet, our professional resume writers prepare your resume and email it to you for review and minor changes.
  • Note: Your resume will be emailed, unless you request a paper or fax copy instead. It will be in Microsoft Word 97-2003 compatible format, so that formatting is maintained between us, and between you and potential employers as well.
  • You make the changes and send it back.
  • We finalize your minor changes and email you your final resume.
  • You send it to prospective employers and hopefully get interviews and a job!
 We Know People - to - Help You Get Connected - to - Achieve Your Goals

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