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Interview Preparation

"I have an Interview and need help preparing for it."

You have chosen assistance with your interview preparation.

Many people who see themselves as very outgoing, social and who love a conversation, suddenly get all freaked out about public speaking, or being 'put on the spot'. If you need tips on how to master the anxiety; how to prepare for behavioral interviewing formatted questions; and how to sell yourself without 'bragging', sign up for our Interview Preparation services.

Here is how the Interview Preparation process works:

  • Send the $85 fee using the PayPal button to the right. This qualifies you for an hour of consultation and help. 
  • Send us an email with your phone number. If you are not comfortable with, or do not have access to email, just give us a call and we will work with you through USPS mailings.
  • We spend a few minutes on the phone and deicide whether to continue on the phone, or meet face to face at a restaurant or other public place.
  • We review your resume and the target job for which you expect an interview.
  • We identify key areas of anxiety and tools for positively directing that energy.
  • We explore the behavioral interviewing format, key competencies the employer needs, and short stories that illustrate how you have used those skills successfully in the past.
  • You'll improve your ability to convince others that you are the best candidate.
  • We do a mini mock interview that allows you to practice in a safe role-play environment with no pressure.
  • We provide feedback, and coaching suggestions.
Now, you are ready for the interview!

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