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Career Coaching - I Need To Change Careers

"I need to talk with someone and get advice on how to go about making a Career Change."

You have chosen the face to face, career coaching way to explore career changes that challenge your current skills, knowledge and capabilities in a different job category. We will also develop a resume.

Here is how the process works:

  • Send the $85 fee using the PayPal button to the right. This qualifies you for an hour of consultation and help.
  • Additional hours will be invoiced at $85.
  • Send us an email with your phone number. Home address is optional.
  • Over the phone we decide where and when to meet at a quiet restaurant to talk about you.
  • We will discuss which companies you've worked at, job titles, accomplishments, education, special skills, certifications and other things that employers need.
  • We’ll explore alternative careers you have considered and make recommendations for additional career options, that you have not thought of, that may be possibilities for you.
  • Together, we will explore career options and qualifications. We will find great ways to illustrate what you have done in previous jobs, that will be useful to a new employer in a different kind of job.
  • After we meet, we will prepare your resume and send it to you for minor changes. Additional resumes for alternate career paths may be developed from one “smorgasbord” résumé.
  • Note: Your resume will be emailed, unless you request a paper or fax copy instead. It will be in Microsoft Word 97-2003 compatible format, so that formatting is maintained between us, and between you and potential employers as well.
  • You may chose to request an additional session to further explore alternate career paths.
  • You make the changes and email it back.
  • We finalize your minor changes and email you your final resume.
  • You send it to prospective employers and hopefully get interviews and a job!.
We Know People - to - Help You Get Connected - to - Achieve Your Goals

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