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3P Associates & Brian R. Pettit bring a wealth of Human Resources experience that can help your company with any HR issues.  We believe in "PEOPLE, PRODUCTIVITY, PASSION & PROFITS" (where applicable). 

We provide a range of Human Resources consulting including:

Why Onsite HR Services?

Small start up and large companies have budget restraints, yet want quality tools for key issues and opportunities. Bringing highly experienced talent to work on defined projects is the best Return on Investment.

Why an HR Audit and Process Maturity Check-up?

Auditing involves the systematic examination of a company’s HR practices and policies. Effective audits pinpoint the gaps between ""what is being done" and "what is required." By eliminating the gaps, a company can increase legal compliance and ensure more effective management processes. In finance and accounting, auditing is routine. In human resources, auditing should be routine. ISO techniques must be applied to HR. Have we written down our processes and procedures? Do we follow them? Can we prove it with documentation? Have we made improvements to our processes that are also documented?

The specific purposes of an HR Audit includes:

  • Examining a company’s compliance with established employment laws and regulations.
  • Determining how to better serve the needs or satisfaction of relevant stakeholders – management, employees and customers.
  • Streamlining company practices and procedures used to carry out a particular function such as recruiting, wage & salary administration, managing leaves of absence, benefits, training, discipline & termination, etc.
  • Establishing an "early warning system" to spot problems or identify issues before they become crises.

Why Get Help with Employee Relations Investigation & Resolution?

When he said and she said, you just want every body to get back to work without hard feelings or costly litigation. But how do you assure that everyone gets listened to and feels the issue was fairly resolved? Bringing an independent fact finder can get things back on track more quickly, fairly and less expensively.

Why Employee Handbooks?

Many of the best run companies use their employee handbooks effectively to communicate their vision, mission, values and culture. Most companies use the handbook to communicate expectations of employees and to outline consequences of behavior on the job. Few companies can keep up with the laws and case law, without a little help.

Why New Employee Orientation & On-boarding?

Bringing the newly hired transferred or promoted person up to speed quickly has become a critical challenge as the rate of change increases exponentially. What we do in the first day, first week and first 3 months can significantly undermine or guarantee individual, & department success. The high cost of turnover and replacement can also be reduced threw well planned on-boarding.

Time, Attendance and Payroll

Are you following your own policy and procedures, state and federal requirements? Are you getting rapid accurate response from your service provider? Are you spending too much valuable staff time manually processing payroll? Are employees getting paid for time not worked? Does your payroll seamlessly link to your general ledger? Our strategic partners can help.

Performance Management Systems, Job descriptions, Goal Setting & Measurement

We believe in continuous process improvement, and we love to help. Here are a few steps we might take together:

  • We will provide a quick audit to help you assess the current status of various systems, processes and procedures.
  • We will check for gaps, inconsistencies, legal compliance, and a comparison with best practices.
  • We will make recommendations for taking you to the next level of maturity, including a cost benefit, risk avoidance analysis.
  • Next, we will help make the changes including teaching your leaders and workforce. Please take a look at our OD/Training capabilities.
  • Finally, we will check back to make sure things are improved and help make adjustments where needed.

Recruiting Temporary, Production, Scientific, Technical & Professional

“It’s not Rocket Science.” Perhaps you have heard that phrase. We chuckle, because, actually it was, for one client where we recruited PhD engineers from Russia. We have also recruited PhD Ag. Economists from Wall Street and various executives from our customer’s competition.

We can also work within your organization when you have a short term need to quickly ramp up large numbers of temporary or regular new hires.

We have had our greatest success with behavioral interviewing techniques using a competency based matrix selection tool for candidate comparison. We are pleased to provide processes and documentation that demonstrate that you have assured equal opportunity and, when needed, affirmative action in your talent acquisition.

Not For Profits

Many of our recent not for profit agencies have asked for our help because although they are not motivated by the potential for profit, their funding sources have required best practices in other “business/management sciences”. In addition to a passionate moral compass, they need a well thought out and carefully communicated strategic plan, well defined deliverables or measureable outcomes. Boards, committees, staff and volunteers all need training and may need background checks.

Living our Faith at Work

Some have said that the effort to assure freedom from religious discrimination or harassment has led them to be hesitant to witness their faith at work. We provide individual coaching and team workshops to explore ways to respect individual entitlements from many perspectives.

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